Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well nothing says commitment like not writing anything for like 3+ months hahaha SORRY. So in that time I have been back to the U.S of A for my besties wedding! it was superb and being able to hang out in Oakland and Seattle And watch your one of your best friends get married to another best friend - Priceless!!!!One of the many things I love about america is the CEREAL! Omg the variety and all the crazy colourful boxes it really is fun just doing groceries! My favourite though would have to be Puffins- peanut butter flavour of course ( and natural). With all the other goodies I brought back I could only fit one box in my suitcase (tear) and am saving it for breakkie with friends on sunday!( or maybe dinner). Have just finished watching Let The Right One In, I know this got great reviews and maybe I left it too long to watch ( sometimes hype seeping into your brain is a good thing ). I enjoyed it enough but prob wont ever re watch again- maybe as a test I will watch the american re-make. Am slightly addicted to the True Blood soundtrack at the mo and cant wait to start Mad Men Season 1. Also looking forward to 500 days of summer ( love Zooey) and Couples Retreat (V.V ) so this time I promise to update this monster very soon!!! Crunch!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First off the line

I know this was supposed to arrive freshly baked yesterday however I got caught up hanging with a girlfriend, we ended up going to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.It has the honour of being the first so here we go.......... I have to admit I enjoy Sandra much more in a comedy role than action/drama and of course whats not to like about Ryan!The plot follows meticulous Canadian book editor Margaret, who thinking on her feet whilst being told she is being deported from the U.S.A coerces her assistant Andrew to marry her for both their benefits. To prove to the govt that they are legit the pair head to Andrew's home town in Alaska for the weekend, where it all unravels by way ex-girlfriend, kooky grandmother(Betty White is fab and be sure not to miss the forest scene)not to mention actually fallin in lurve. Slightly predictable as most rom/coms are, but isn't that was we love about them? I rate it 3 bowls - you may not rush to see it at the cinema but do pour the milk!

Monday, June 29, 2009

"In the beginning"

So here we are at the start of my new hobby! It's monday night, the heater is on and I'm about to settle into a couple of movies -yet to be decided. If I'm not sure I like to pick 5 and, get down to two and then put them behind my back and let Hadleigh (BBA-best boyfriend always) chose left or right hand, playground styles.Reviews will be up tomorrow s0 be sure to check it out